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Midland Machinery takes road construction and maintenance to the next level with our exceptional range of road wideners. With precision, efficiency, and reliability at the forefront, our road widener lineup offers a variety of models tailored to diverse project needs.

From compact to larger road widening projects, Midland's road wideners get the job done flawlessly. The self-propelled capabilities and user-friendly controls provide enhanced mobility and ease of operation.

With Midland's road wideners, customers can confidently embrace road projects, knowing they have access to industry-leading technology designed for modern challenges in road construction and maintenance.

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Machine Lineup

Explore Midland's exceptional lineup of road wideners, including the versatile D Series, designed for quick and seamless switching between left and right discharge. Our self-propelled machines offer unparalleled mobility, while our loader or grader propelled attachment machines provide a flexible and cost-effective option that will pave shoulder circles around any other widener attachment. You can also take advantage of the convenience of our foldable machines, allowing for easy transport without the need for special permits.

With spread distances ranging from 1 ft to 12 ft, Midland machines adapt to diverse road widening projects. Choose Midland for innovation, versatility, and efficiency in road construction.