WA Attachment

High Production Widener Attachment

Transform your Wheel Loader or Motorgrader into a high-performance, cost effective road widening machine. The Midland Model WA is a workaholic attachment that makes quick work of a wide range of road widening applications from one-foot, up to ten-foot wide.

Extra horsepower, extra hopper capacity and extra spread width supply increased productivity. The WA features a self-contained 49 HP diesel engine and hydraulics system to power all widener functions.

The engine system allows productivity, flexibility and speed to match a crews’ expectations.  Operator controls are intuitive and precise for jobs both large or small.  Push Roller is extendable for quickly matching various trucks throughout the day.  

Machine Highlights

10' Max Spread Width
Right Side Spread
Loader or Grader Propelled
49 HP
49 HP Diesel Engine
600 Tons Per Hour
3.5 Cubic Yard Foldable Hopper

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Machine Specs

5 ft. 5 in.
Overall Length (A)
11 ft. 2 in.
Overall Width, Travel (B)
9,000 lbs.
Operating Weight
Machine Attachment

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