Double-Sided Self-Propelled Road Widener

The SPD-12 redefines road widening with a suite of advanced features tailored for efficiency and precision. Its dual discharge reversible conveyor, dual strike-off blades, and variable hydraulic, chain conveyor ensure accurate material placement. With true 4-wheel drive capability, this robust machine effortlessly pushes 35 tons, navigating tight turns with ease. The SPD-12's powerful yet fuel-efficient tier III engine not only reduces environmental impact but also drives productivity. Notably, it excels in producing the widest interstate shoulders—up to twelve feet—achieving the proper grade and slope from either side of the highway or ramp, all while moving in the direction of traffic.

Handling spread widths from 1 to 12 feet, the SPD-12 offers unparalleled versatility. Its production rates soar to 600 TPH, making it the ultimate solution for high-performance road widening projects. The SPD-12 combines power, precision, and environmental consciousness to meet the demands of modern road construction with unmatched efficiency.

Machine Highlights

12' Max Spread Width
Dual Blade
Dual Blade and Column
Right or Left Spread
Self Propelled
134 HP
134 HP Diesel Engine
600 Tons Per Hour
3.5 Cubic Yard Hopper
All Wheel Drive
4-Wheel Drive
Variable Speed
Variable Speed Conveyor

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Machine Specs

23 ft. 6 in.
Overall Length (A)
11 ft. 3 in.
Overall Width, Travel (B)
8 ft. 3 in.
Overall Height (C)
16 ft. 0 in.
Inside Turning Radius (D)
138 in.
Wheelbase (E)
81 in. Front
75 in. Rear
Track Width

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