Double-Sided Self-Propelled Road Widener

The SPD-8 is a well-balanced and versatile road widener equipped with front-wheel drive, capable of efficiently conveying and placing aggregate and asphalt mixes up to 8 ft. from the edge of most pavements. Its modular curved spreader blade easily adapts to match various job spread widths, ensuring flexibility in operations.

The SPD-8 offers maximum versatility with its dual-sided discharge as a standard feature. With a 3 cu. yd. receiving hopper, 18 in. wide chain-driven conveyor, and 18 in. high spreader blade, it can convey and place up to 450 tons per hour, effectively saving time and money on any shoulder project. The SPD-8 is designed to tackle any job with ease. Witness the capabilities of the SPD-8 on your next shoulder or berm project.

Machine Highlights

8' Max Spread Width
Variable Speed
Variable Speed Conveyor
Right or Left Spread
Self Propelled
74 HP
74 HP Diesel Engine
450 Tons Per Hour
3 Cubic Yard Hopper
Front Wheel Drive
Front Wheel Drive
Simple Intuitive Controls

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Machine Specs

19 ft. 0 in.
Overall Length (A)
11 ft. 8 in.
Overall Width, Travel (B)
7 ft. 10 in.
Overall Height (C)
15 ft. 0 in.
Inside Turning Radius (D)
110 in.
Wheelbase (E)
80 in. Front
60 in. Rear
Track Width

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