SA Attachment

High Production Widener Attachment

The Midland model SA has proven to be a rugged, productive and economical workhorse for road widening and shoulder construction.  The SA allows for precise placement  of materials such as hot mix asphalt, aggregates, millings, sand, topsoil or gravel at widths ranging from 1 foot up to 8 feet.  Spreading materials for jobs such as shoulders, trenches, backfills and berms has never been easier or more efficient with the SA.  Specialty spreading jobs such as behind curbs, drainage pipe place and cover or under guide rail spreading are now easier and faster.

Road crews can expect high productivity when operating the Midland SA.  Using a coupler, the SA can quickly transform any wheel loader or motorgrader into a high-capacity road widener.  Midland lets you choose the power source;  an on-board diesel engine or power-connect to the wheel loaders’ hydraulic system. Operator controls are intuitive and precise for jobs large or small. The operator platform is in the optimal position for accessibility and visibility.  Push Roller is extendable for quickly matching various trucks throughout the day.  

Machine Highlights

8' Max Spread Width
Right Side Spread
Loader or Grader Propelled
24 HP
24 HP Diesel Engine
450 Tons Per Hour
3 Cubic Yard Hopper

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Machine Specs

4 ft. 3 in.
Overall Length (A)
11 ft. 2 in.
Overall Width, Travel (B)
5,000 lbs.
Operating Weight
Machine Attachment

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