WA Attachment

The Midland Model WA Widener Attachment is a robust unit designed to efficiently place a substantial volume of material at strike-off widths ranging from 1 to 10 ft. What sets it apart is the ability to leverage your existing DRIVE UNIT, be it a loader, IT carrier, grader, chip spreader, or paver, for forward motion.

The WA features a self-contained 40hp diesel engine and hydraulic system, powering all widener functions. What's even more enticing is the option for a Parasite configuration. By attaching it to the drive unit's auxiliary hydraulic line (min. 2500 psi.), you can forgo the need for a separate engine, offering additional cost savings.

The Midland Model WA Widener Attachment combines power, flexibility, and cost-efficiency for a variety of applications.

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10' Spread
Loader Attachment
Righthand Discharge
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