The SPD-8 is a well-balanced and versatile road widener equipped with front-wheel drive, capable of efficiently conveying and placing aggregate and asphalt mixes up to 8 ft. from the edge of most pavements. Its modular curved spreader blade easily adapts to match various job spread widths, ensuring flexibility in operations.

The SPD-8 offers maximum versatility with its dual-sided discharge as a standard feature. With a 3 cu. yd. receiving hopper, 18 in. wide chain-driven conveyor, and 18 in. high spreader blade, it can convey and place up to 450 tons per hour, effectively saving time and money on any shoulder project. The SPD-8 is designed to tackle any job with ease. Witness the capabilities of the SPD-8 on your next shoulder or berm project.

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Machine Highlights

8' Spread
Dual Blade and Column
Right or Left Discharge
Locally Owned

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